High Speed Data Transfer with AJD-4500-U and AJP-4500-U

Ajile’s key strength lies in our products’ ability to create, control, and capture light at high speeds without sacrificing accuracy. We are pleased to announce an important step forward with the release of the AJD-4500-U and AJP-4500-U versions of our DMD controller and structured light projector this month. The -U versions feature USB3.0 data transfer at speeds exceeding 2000 binary frames/second.

Ajile USB3 DMD Controller

This upgrade lets users take full advantage of the high frame rates featured by Ajile’s DMD-based systems. Emerging developments in the realm of image processing depend on a constant flow of high quality input, and many users working will benefit from the speed increase.

Alongside the Opto-Isolated Trigger Board (optional on AJD-4500, standard on AJP-4500), the -U version upgrade adds a great deal of functionality. This is recommended for most users, especially those working with responsive systems. Internally, the Ajile team is working on advancing its 3D imaging and machine vision capabilities.

The new optional add-on hardware comes pre-installed on Ajile devices and maintains the compact form factor that many users need. As with the standard USB2 version, the USB3 system runs with the flexible and easy to use AjileWare GUI or SDK.

Email info@ajile.ca for more details or ordering information.