Many Digital Micromirror Device users look to Ajile’s DMD controllers for their superior speed and flexibility. Now it’s possible to have precise, high-speed DMD control from a completely embedded system. The full Ajile Software Suite has been released for the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 and the performance so far has been excellent.

Most DMD controllers and projectors depend on video interfaces like HDMI to receive image data to display. Not only do these video interfaces offer limited speed and control, but they also typically need a full PC with a video card. With the Ajile software SDK and GUI running directly on the Jetson TX2 embedded SoC, full-resolution (912×1140) images can be streamed continuously from the TX2 to the DMD at over 1,800 binary frames/second using USB 3.0. This means that over 60,000 uncompressed binary images can be stored and continuously streamed from the TX2s’ 8GB of memory, or an infinite number of frames may be generated in real-time with the Jetson’s 256 GPU CUDA cores, all in a credit card sized form factor!

We believe that this capability opens up new possibilities for single-pixel-cameras (SPC), compressive sensing, spectroscopy and hyperspectroscopy. It also benefits instrument makers and anyone looking for high-speed DMD control from a compact embedded system. Contact us today to learn more about our advanced light control capabilities.