Ajile Light Industries was founded in 2013 by Alan Boate and Jeremy Gribben, who had worked together for the previous 7 years developing retinal imaging instruments. In their research the pair began exploring the use of digital micromirror devices (DMD) which are an ideal technology for vision testing equipment due to their high-speed and global switching capability. However, they were disappointed by existing DMD controllers at the time which were inadequate for scientific and industrial use, and realized that others were facing similar challenges. They decided to take what they had learned about DMD control to help others by building the hardware and software they wish they could have used themselves.

Ajile has developed a custom DMD controller which allows fast, flexible and precise control of over 1 million micromirrors. The team has also designed and built its own 4 megapixel fast camera with an embedded controller. These critical components have allowed the development of a structured light 3D imaging system which captures accurate point clouds with over 4 million full color points. A large amount of the effort has gone into the software, which allows control of the micromirror device and the camera using a single software interface. Very tight synchronization between the DMD and the camera allows for fast acquisition times. Our proprietary DMD control software allows for the unique advantage of using of a standard projector family for a lower cost system without sacrificing on flexibility and performance.

Our interests are diverse, and we always love discovering the ways our partners are using Ajile products in visual stimulators for vision testing, structured light 3D imaging, spectrometery and hyperspectoscopy, single pixel cameras, optogenetics, machine learning for imaging through diffuse media and more.