Ajile Standalone DMD Controller

Ajile DMD controllers simplify the precise control of digital micromirror devices to achieve their full potential.

The AJD-4500 allows for frame-by-frame high-speed control of DMD devices with the accuracy required for scientific, medical and industrial applications.


Ajile AJD-4500 DMD Controller


  • Visible or NIR wavelength optimized DMD chip
  • Opto-isolated triggering interface
  • USB3.0 communications interface
  • Extension package – DMD separate from core electronics



– Scientific controller for 0.45” DMD (912 x 1140 micromirrors)

– Ajile GUI and full SDK with Python/C++/C#/Matlab support

– Controller can drive the DMD at 6,600 fps (more with reduced ROI)

– 1 GB of memory (7000 images), randomly accessible at full speed

– Independent, per frame control of timing and lighting parameters

– Stream images continuously at 2500 fps with accurate frame timing

– Provides a low-latency synchronization core for the DMD and external devices via programmable input and output triggers

– Arbitrary bit-depth for grayscale and color (e.g. 4, 8, 10 or 16 bit)

– Take direct control of the DMD and each individual micromirror

– On-board Linux processor and FPGA for embedded smart control

Download AJD-4500 Product Sheet

Download Product Sheet (pdf)

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