AIA Canadian Machine Vision Conference

Ajile CTO Jeremy Gribben has been awarded a speaking slot at the 2016 AIA Canadian Machine Vision Conference in Vancouver, Canada. This is AIA’s second Canadian event, and will feature industry experts from a variety of fields related to hardware and software in areas using structured light. These include robotics, sensors, inspection, machine learning, and medical imaging.

Mr Gribben’s talk will focus specifically on the future of digital micromirror (DMD)-based systems, and the ways in which this technology can bring superior structured light projection to a broader market. He plans to discuss the advantages of DMD technology over other projection and display methods, and will also talk about ways DMDs can be used in coordinated camera/projector systems.

Canadian Machine Vision Conference speakers are industry experts with specialized knowledge of their respective fields. This year’s event will also feature talks on 3D vision and thermal imaging (Michael Beising of Eye Vision Technology), illumination techniques (Casey Segraves of Smart Vision Lights), and  embedded vision technology (Marcus Müller of Basler).

The vision industry in Canada continues to develop, with several key players in Ontario and Quebec along with a growing presence in B.C. and Alberta. Events like the Canadian Machine Vision Conference, as well as others such as Photonics North offer these companies an important forum in which to build partnerships and pool their resources.